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Established in 2006 the Cortez brothers, Luis and Kristian, opened the first Cortez factory and store in Shrewsbury, NJ.  A 400 sq ft location was enough to spark a flame in the community who sought out Cortez’s one of kind blends which has always been a talent of Luis’s….to blend. Cortez’s drive, passion, work ethic and the cigars…..led to expansion in Silver Spring, MD and to another location in Shrewsbury and then ultimately our home base now in Eatontown, NJ and Long Branch, NJ.

Cortez Cigars and Cortez Cigars & Tobacco Group is a US patented/trademarked cigar manufacturer and now has 3 locations (one in Eatontown, NJ one in Long Branch, NJ and one in Silver Spring, MD).

Importing some of the finest tobacco from around the world; specifically Peru, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico and the US (Connecticut) to create blends that rival industry standards, set us apart in an industry which, at times, celebrates the large conglomerates or the highly advertised.

Our Mission

To elevate the cigar smoking experience for the novice or the connoisseur smoker and for them to experience the culture, the authenticity, and the tradition of an art of generations past. 

Established in 2006 the Cortez Brothers, Luis and Kristian, opened the first Cortez factory and store in Shrewsbury NJ.  From many years in the industry of tobacco cultivation, deep roots of family in agriculture on many levels in different countries, an apprenticeship in Habano Cuba for years at La Corona Cigar factory, from varying duties at General Cigars and several other industry leaders; it was time to commence the journey that we knew it was our passion to embark on: Cortez brand. 

A 400 Sq ft location was enough to spark a flame in the community who sought out our one of a kind blends which is spearheaded by Luis as he has a talent to mentally store tobacco attributes tried from years past, file it away and bring them to the forefront of what is he is blending today. A true artist in this right. 

Tabacalera Cortez opened in 2008 in Santiago Dominican Republic. This is where we produce about 65 percent of our cigars.  A bustling cigar city close to all the tobacco farms and more. 

The Cortez Brothers’ drive, passion, work ethic and let’s face it…ultimately…the cigars led to expansion to our locations now in Eatontown NJ and Silver Spring MD.  And to online where we ship nationwide to bring our cigars right to you…wherever you are at!

In 2012 we started rolling daily in our NJ location where Luis “Imber” Rosario, retired from Fuente, with over 45 years experience in the industry, oversaw all operations of rolling in shop.  We commenced NJ specific blends in our location starting with the Navesink, named after the native Lenape who inhabitated the land of Middletown, Red Bank, Highlands specifically. Onto the Exit 109, “what exit” where all design, labeling, boxes were made in NJ, and then onto our 10th Anniversario in 2016 which is an unique blend with leaves from Peru, Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. Luis determined to find a certain Peruvian leaf he had years prior, traveled personally to the border of Peru and Brazil along the border of the Amazon  to hand select the tobacco to be used.  Luis knew it would be a perfect culmination with the tobaccos he was currently working with. Thus…the 10th Anniversario is born.

A Growing Business

In 2020 we started growing at the Jersey Shore: tobacco. On a former farm and only 1 mile to the beach, this area had the perfect soil, humidity and coupled with the skills and the agricultural experience; created a perfect plant. Growing over 7ft tall, Cuban-seed NJ grown tobacco has come into existence for the first time! We hung and barn-aged the tobacco 3 months and now aging 3 years. The production on this blend will start early 2024 for release in the Summer of 2024. Stay tuned!

Currently in 2023 La Prensa is about to be released in winter. 

This blend is a homage to the tobacco industry. La Prensa which means The Press which is the one machinery type of tool which presses the cigar molds and ultimately the cigars into their most perfect shapes. We are reminiscing of the 1800s to 1900s where cigar factories in the USA were bustling as there were 80,000 cigar factories at one point here. Not too mention it was one of America first crops to be traded, bartered and sold. History does indeed repeat itself on this one! We are keeping it going!

We are continuing to strive to creatively, artistically and mindfully develop blends that inspire our consumers. We want you to think and smoke outside the box! 

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